Stammtisch Selbst 28. Juli

How do we begin to find the essence of our self?  –> 1
Some people work with dreams, therapy, spiritual practices or masters, some search for self through relationship and some through work, some seek self in the form of their children.
But is it really to be found in activities, in relationships, in personality?  
All these things change through our lifetime as we learn and grow;  they are parts of a long line of temporary selves.  
Surely there is somewhere within us an essence dependent on none of these things;  something utterly unique to each one of us that we can truly call self.

Who are you?  What is unique about you and unchangingly true?  

It’s not your identity, politics, skills, alliances, or job.  

Perhaps we could say it is our DNA, our own ribbons of chemical instructions that our cells duplicate endlessly. DNA is a wonderful metaphor for self.  It is so complex, so elaborate, and yet so simple;  our self is like that – One of uncounted millions of possibilities and yet still definitely different.

Working with our Self calls us into and honoring of our deep essence.  It requires us to look at ways we hide, limit, or disguise our true self.
It asks us to look at shadows and projections, to find ways to feed the self and honour it and  let it shine;  it requires us to strip away the mask of false selves we have inhabited or that we cling to.
Self asked us who we are at our deepest

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Questioning your Sense of Self-> 2

What is your sense of self? When you think of who you are, what do you think of?
What is truly your essential self ad what has been heaped (augeschüttet) upon you by years of expectations or lack of encouragement?
What stories do you tell yourself about who you are?
Drop into one of these stories… how true does it feel to you?

Ask yourself who you could bei f you allowed it.
What would you be doing in your life if you weren´t riddled (durchlöchert) with fear or misplaced ambition, anger, or complacency (Geichgültigkeit)?
And who are you now, beneath your job, your family, your schooling?
Are your dreams for yourself so outlandish they can never happen, thereby keeping you in your place?
Or do you expend (verbrauchen) all of your energy dreaming them so you never have the power to be?
Conversely, do you tell yourself your dreams are unrealistic when perhaps they are attainable?

If you were to write a mythic tale about yourself, with you as the hero, what would that tale be?
What exploits (Tat, Heldentat) have you engaged in?
What is the story of your birth and growing? What monsters have you battled, living to tell the tale? Do you face demons at work every day?
Who wins?

 > 1 aus „Magic oft he Iron Pentacle“ von Jane Meredith, Gede Parma

> 2 aus „Evolutionary witchcraft“ von T. Thorn Coyle

Erkenntnisreich war die Beschäftigung mit „Selbst“, so dass ich beschlossen habe, den Stammtischzyklus des Eisenpentagrammes zu beenden mit 2 weiteren Stammtischterminen (Power und Passion fehlen noch).
(Punkte des Eisenpentagrammes: Sex (Lebensenergie), Pride, Self, Power, Passion – Stammtische zu den ersten 3 Punkten haben bereits stattgefunden)
der nächste Stammtisch ist am 25. August: