pagan Cluster

What is a pagan Cluster?
We are people who cannot separate spirit from action. We see the earth as a living being, and all of life as interconnected. Our spiriuality is earth-based, erotic, and engaged with the global
– Struggles for justice, liberation, equality and ecological balance.
– In our actions we attempt to embody the world we want to create.
– Our actions respect the life, well being, and dignity of all people.
– We are colorful, beautiful and playful. We are courageous, bold and willing.
– We bring creativity and ritual to actions and to organizing.
– We give people a taste of the energy and power of magic, and show a glimmer of what ist possible.
– We seek actions that allow people to participate at different levels of risk. We strongly value support roles as well as front-line roles.
– We model solidarity with other activitsts, on the street, in jail, in the courts, in the press – even though we may not agree completely with their tactics or their politics.
– We mobilize magical support for our actions.
– We transform tense momentes and places to create a sense of safety and possibility.
– We recognize the violence directed against our movement, and acknowledge the toll of the trauma. We consciously integrate healing into our politics/actions.
– We value and provide training and preparation for actions.
– We build bridges and open channels of communication between many diverse groups.
– We are anti-authoritarian and nonhierarchical. We make decisions by consensus. We encourage the formation of affinity groups.
– You don´t have to be a Pagan to join our cluster, but you do have tob e willing to put up with Pagans who do ritual, sing songs, and plan strategy through divination.

Von Starhawk (Mitbegründerin Reclaiming-Gemeinschaft // anlässlich der Proteste gegen den Weltwirtschaftsgipfel vom 30.01-01.02.2002 in New York.