am Beginn der Reise …?


Am Beginn der Reise…?
August 2018 #4


Am Beginn der Reise

Dancing around and singing songs,
laughing out loud with everyone
or anyone-
but realising there’s non- all gone.

Her hammer smashed down, as I knew it would come, 
cause thats the way the wheel is done.

Three times she hit it, hard and cruel
transferred them up to higher rules, 
tear them out of my bidding hands-
no understanding why she leaded my world to it’s end.

The day after she always shows her other side
the sun rose, a poem of hers of the ironical type.
Abrupt and brutal the world’s heard continues it’s beating, 
cause for the whole, some single deaths could have no meaning. 

Crying in agony, no room for breathing
fearing my own, now lonesome being.
No chance to hold them, trough even the loudest screaming.

Burned down in her fire now lay that we’ve met
melt in her forges heat where I followed your step.
It’s some kind of humour that I shall seek inspiration in that.

Weary and teary and with a broken heart
three pieces of my soul that are torn apart-
there is not the slightest touch of your healing spark!

Knowing her hammer, knowing the pain
living her sarcastic poem, fighting in vain,
searching for nothing, loosing it all
doubting the truth of an inspiring shining hall.

Drowned by her waters, kissed by the dark
holded by shadows, chain bounded heart
I really don’t want you to play another part.

Well, you gave it, you took it, although I didn’t ask
you sent me to run before I got the walking task.
You ordert the rhythm, you define the way
don’t wander that is you whom I blame.

Nothing is ever lost in being-
nothing is gained by this always repeating!
Its anger and hating, desperation and rage
you send me to order to guard my own gate.

I appreciate that you once lighted my life
But how could you?
why would you?
there was no reason why should you turn off these lights?!

You broke them off those little wings of mine
you just left me behind!
You carried them on, you broke my protection, 
speeding up the wheel in it’s action.

Just left me a mirror which I denied to regard, 
cause‘ through it one rides right to my broken heart. 
Only your whisper stays in the dark

A piece in everything, in everything a piece-
if I could bare to look through your eyes I’ll see
that as long as I beliefe, I’ll know, that I’m still me.

But ‚till I glance at your face once more,
I just quote the raven,
not more..
(by Realef)

Gum biodh ràth le do thurus!