Air Be Welcome Here
Fire Be Welcome Here
Water Be Welcome Here
Earth Be Welcome Here
All Of The Mysteries
All That Is In Between

# (von G. Danke :-))
Den Chant singen während wir (im Sommer) barfuss zum ritualplatz marschieren wärs toll

Mother I feel you unter my feet
Moter I hear your Heartbeat 2x

Heya Heya Heya, ya Heya Heya Ho
Heya Heya Heya Heya Hey a Ho

Mother I hear you in the River´s Song
Eternal waters flowin on and on 2x

Father I see you when the eagle flies
Liight of the Spirit´s gonna take us higher 2x

Reclaiming CD I
The Beginning of the Earth
Touching her Deep
Air I am
Rise with the fire
Snake Woman
Goddless Medley
We are the Flow (folk melody)
Siler Shining Wheel
Where There´s Fear There´s Power
Hecate, Cerridwen
Return tot he Mother
Born of Water
Air Moves Us
Water and Stone
We all Come from the goddess/Hoof and Horn
Kore Chant
We are the Flow (orig.melody)
Sun king
We are alive

von PearL
Earth and Oceanl:
May the Circle be open von Pearl:

May the circle be open but unbroken
may the love of the goddess be ever in our heart
merry meet and merry part and merry meet again

Spiraling into the center:

Spirits of Fire come to us. We will kindle the fire. Spirits of Fire come to us. We will kindle the fire. We will kindle the fire, dance the Magic Circle round. We will kindle the fire. We will kindle the fire…“

Rise up as one – time to awaken
Rise up as one – time to be reborn 2x
Forging, feeling, changing, healing
Forging, feeling, changing, healing

Wir sind ein Kreis, in einem Kreis, ohne Anfang und ohne Ende….

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